About Vimba X

Vimba X is a new fully GenICam-compliant SDK. As the successor of Vimba, it offers extended functionalities:

  • You can use GenICam-compliant cameras and transport layers for all camera interfaces from all manufacturers.

  • Usage with cameras and TLs from third-party vendors is free of charge. You don’t need any additional licenses.

  • Advanced configuration of devices such as frame grabbers and of the TLs is possible (separate access to all cameras and transport layers, no more feature merging of camera and TL).

  • Extended capabilities for saving and loading settings


Tested operating systems and cameras are listed in the release notes.


Alvium MIPI camera users: The camera driver must be installed before using Vimba. It is available at:



FireWire (IEEE 1394) is not supported because this interface is not GenICam-compliant.

Supported features


Please note that only GenICam-compliant features are supported. Features of the camera, transport layer, or frame grabber that are not compliant are not supported.


Allied Vision’s legacy cameras: Chunk and Events are not implemented in a GenICam-compliant way.


By default, TLs contained in the Vimba X installation are activated. To use other TLs, see the SDK Manual, chapter TL activation and deactivation.



To automatically install the USB driver, onnect your USB camera before starting the Vimba X installation. After the installation, you can always use Vimba Driver Installer, see Driver Installer Manual.

Silent installation: The VimbaX_Install*.exe can be called with the the following command line options:

  • /S : Silent install

  • /D : Sets the default installation directory

The VimbaX_Uninstall.exe can be called with the following command line options:

/S : Silent uninstall


Installation instructions are listed in the release notes for your operating system. If you have issues, see Troubleshooting.


Vimba X comes as a .dmg file. Do not drag & drop it into the Applications folder.

Install Vimba X

  1. Double-click the .dmg file to mount it.

  2. Open Vimba X installer.pkg and follow the instructions. If you get an error message, go to Settings → Privacy & Security, select “App Store and identified developers” and click “Open Anyway” for “Vimba X Installer.pkg”.

Now you can start working with Vimba X.

To install Vimba X via command line:

  1. Extract the tar.gz file and open a terminal in this directory.

sudo hdiutil attach Vimba\ X\ Installer.pkg
sudo installer -package /Volumes/Vimba\ X\ Vimba\ X\ Installer.pkg -target /
sudo hdiutil detach /Volumes/Vimba\ X

Please log out and then log in again. Please make sure to quit the Terminal app if it is still open, so that it can find the new environment variable when you open it again. Opening a new Terminal window without quitting the application is not sufficient.

Uninstall Vimba X

To uninstall Vimba X, use the Vimba X Removal Assistant.